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January 2014

EDesign Studio Element

The study officially has been existed since 2009. The studio is led by three designers - Přibylová Alina , Diana and Natalia Bespayeva Malova . The company is engaged in the development of interior design and decoration. Young but very talented grils studied at the School of Design "Arnuvo"and at the Academy of Fashion Business "Symbat" in Almaty, at the Institute of Design in London and at the University of Art History in Moscow. There is an interior design project for a shoe store in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Fabi , respecting nineteenth century building elements and introducing contemporary construction techniques and lighting is presented in the edition.

Nikita Yavein Architects and Studio 44

Nikita Yavein, Head of Studio 44 Architects. Architect of the Russian Federation. Academician of the International Academy of Architecture (IAAM - MAAM) and Member of the Russian Science Academy of Architecture and Construction. Professor at St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. The studio has a unique experience in the reconstruction and restoration of historic buildings classified as cultural heritage monuments, including reconstruction of the building of the General Staff and the restoration of the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg emblematic east wing. The prestigious awards, among which highlighted the State Prize for Literature and the Arts are belong to this studio. In this publication there are two projects of public buildings in Astana, the Palace of Martial Arts and the Palace Zhastar are explained.

Yerbolat N. Mukanov

Architect graduated in the University of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan as Master of Painting in Almaty in 1999. In 2004 he graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at the prestigious Academy of Civil Architecture in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Yerbolat worked in several architectural firms, before he founded the architectural Uberplan Architects Development Project in 2010, which aims to design the entire construction process of residential and public buildings as well as urban planning, project management and design interior. He has participated in several architectural competitions and exhibitions and won awards like Torsanlorenzo " Torsanlorenzo International Award " 2009, Landscape Design and Protection, Italy prize. His two projects, building of parking and car dealership in Almaty, Kazakhstan are presented in this edition.

Ular Gallery

It is an art gallery of Kazakhstan with contemporary vanguard of traditional forms (painting, graphic arts, collage, sculpture) and activities in exhibitions. It also has special contemporary art projects and tutorials about art. One of the main works of the art gallery is discovering new names, providing support for artists and participating in some programs of art of residents. Ular gallery has the collections of private and corporative painters from the sixties. Gallery wrote an article about the art of Kazakhstan, straddling Soviet influence, discovering artists with Europe conception and an independent career, and getting to be more recognized as well.

Rafaela de Castro Marasco

Student in the last semester of Architecture and Urbanism in the CES- JF from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Rafaela writes for arq meeting point, deeply expressing her life experience in Sevilla and her work like an intern in architecture company provided by IAESTE. Also according to her comments, wonderful and fascinating architecture of Spanish milestones and buildings of the city in Sevilla had a big influence on her career development.

Marina V. Vasilyadi and VMVdesign Studio

In 2008 Marina graduated from Almaty School of Civil Engineering and Management, in Faculty of Architecture and Design, specialty - designer of the architectural field. In 2011 she graduated from Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev, in Faculty of Architecture and Design, specialty - architect. Before the formation of her own design studio VMVdesign in2012, she was working as a graphic designer for an advertising agency and as an architect in an architectural and interior design studio. In her studio she has one of her prolific evolution in the fields of construction and interior design, two projects made for the shops named Play and Deri Empire located in malls, in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Edu Ruiz

The designer from Cordoba, after collaborating on interior design projects with studio ARQ21 architects in Spain and in other countries, and his final works in the technical college design OGFDI Paris and its foray into interior design, furniture and French fashion, there is a fascinating discussion about creation and realization of one of his great passions, footwear. Female Extreme is a collection of exclusive and extremely feminine shoes, which includes the mix of femininity, the sensuality and elegancy of Spanish women, and those young ladies living in the city of light. He created exclusive shoes, which symbolize the universe of luxury and glamor.

Yerbolat Tolepbay by Catalina Reznikova

Catalina Reznikova, specialized in Arts, describing about Yerbolat Tolepbay, one of the greatest artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Korea, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan. In 1977 the artist graduated in the department of art and graphic design at the University of Abay. Since 1974 he has been continuously involved in national, the Soviet Union and international exhibitions. He participated in exhibitions in 35 countries, including France, Italy, Germany, India, China, Egypt and other countries. Catalina Reznikova explains about Tolepbay´s works, how the complex, philosophical and often tragic context of his works presented through the development of traditional topics.

Eva Merino Bautista

Eva Bautista Merino, architect titled in the School of Architecture of Seville (Spain) and with study in Navas de San Juan (Jaén) (Spain) presents a public building for a tanatorio located within the boundaries of urban land of Sorihuela of Guadalimar (Jaén).

Expo 2017 Astana

Daneker, eventual collaborator for this number named after Kazakhstan and Spain, talks about the EXPO dedicated to Future Energy, which will take place in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, 2017. There were explained the urban plan of the Expo, buildings, which use the renewable energy in order to supply energy to the city, a very young city, built within 10 years.

Jon Castizo

Arq21 architects would like to pay homage to artist Jon Castizo Ciluaga from Huelva, not only because of the strong bond of friendship united us along decades, who is always in our hearts, but also for having chance to share his genius and extensive knowledge in the arts and interior design, working together on various projects for Sevilla and Cordoba. So this monographic article of the artist presented in the magazine, is kind of in memoriam.

Taste Architectures

Our partner Daneker Suleimenova contributes in this section showing three typical dishes of her country, Kazajstan and processing.

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